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Thursday, June 12, 2008

China rejects allegations of hacking computers in US

Beijing, June 12: Brushing aside accusations that it was hacking computers in the US, China Thursday asked Washington "not to be paranoid" and instead do more to contribute to mutual understanding and trust. 

"China is still a developing country. Do you believe that our science and technology are so sophisticated that it even scares the US," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a regular bi-weekly media briefing here. 

US congressman Frank Wolf had claimed a few days ago that FBI had found that four of his computers had been hacked by sources in China and similar intrusions had occurred in case of other members also. 

Earlier too, US authorities said they were investigating whether China's operatives had secretly copied the contents of a US government laptop computer during the visit of Commerce Secretary Carlos M Gutierrez to China in December last and used the information to hack into Commerce Department computers. 

Beijing had dismissed these allegations as "totally groundless." 

Officials in Britain and Germany had also last year claimed that their computers were hacked from China. 

"I have taken note of the relevant report (about US congressman's charge). I do not know whether you believe in such accusations and whether they are solid," Qin said. 

He said China and the US had been having frequent exchanges in recent years. "You can just interview any US citizen travelling or doing business in China and find out whether his computer has been hacked." 

"So, we urge the US side not to be paranoid. Instead, they should do more to contribute to our mutual understanding and mutual trust," he said. 

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