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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Security

A personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld computer that allows users to store data, make phone calls as well as conduct web browsing, multimedia viewing and access to various wired and wireless networks.

User fascination and dependency with PDAs have recently put private personal and corporate data in jeopardy. The storage of the names and addresses of corporate customers on PDAs is now common. Passwords, bank account numbers and pictures are also very common data found on users PDAs.

Security practices on these devices are lagging due to the lack of physical security practices, lock codes, passwords, encryption usage and education.

Security for your PDA will only work if you the mobile professional take the proper steps to ensure the security of your PDA and its contents.

All companies should create and enforce PDA Security policies and make sure that they are enforced. Failure to do so will result in grave lost to the individual and company.

For more information on effective PDA security policies and practices, logon to:

1 comment:

pda said...

PDA is the best thing to carry personal data anywhere, without any hurdle. By the excessiv euse of PDAs their are lots of problem related to security may arisesrelated to passwords, Proper steps has been taken to ensure security. All companies must develop some policies related to PDA data security.