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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Google News Alert for: linux desktop

Google News Alert for: linux desktop

LXer Weekly Roundup for 18-Oct-2009
LXer (press release)
ARMing desktop Linux: For a brief time in 2008, the Linux desktop actually owned a segment of the desktop industry: netbooks. When netbooks first showed up, ...
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Hulu desktop for Linux
Ghacks Technology News
This desktop widget is now available for Windows, Mac, and (are you ready for it?) Linux! Yes, it's available for Linux, so all of us Penguinistas can enjoy ...
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Microsoft's Windows 7 launch: Deals, deals, deals
... AM PDT I think the story that no one is writing is that Win 7 and Snow Leopard cement that fate of Linux on the desktop as a mainstream OS for homes. ...
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2009's Top 10 Reader's Choice Linux Distributions
DaniWeb (blog)
Tinycore - Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux GUI Desktop. It is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, and Fltk. The core runs ...
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Teeth-Gnashing and Tongue-Lashing Over Desktop Linux Foot-Shooting
By Katherine Noyes Desktop Linux has been driving a lot of debate in the Linux blogosphere of late, much of it in response to a post about the five ways ...
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No Linux Finger Pointing, Please
(Apple is scarcely mentioned, even if Apple effectively commands five to ten times Linux's desktop slice.) Or hardware manufacturers are blamed, ...
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On Mobile Phones, Firefox's Big Bet Is Nokia & Android
GigaOm (blog)
“It is a different day, same story on the mobile as it was on the desktop,” Lilly quipped. On the desktop, Firefox continues to try to disrupt the ...
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bmonday said...

Kellep, please stop these Google searches from appearing on the Security Bloggers Network. They are just adding noise to an already-watered-down feed.

Kellep A. Charles, CISA, CISSP, NSA-IAM said...

Will do... They were requested by some of my students, but I did not realize how it would effect SBN... My Apologizes everyone...