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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cyber Forensics: Digital CSI

Cyber Forensics: Digital CSI
Tuesday, 1 December; 6:30 pm

Imagine a crime scene: a victim, a perp, the evidence... and the forensic investigators who add it all up. Translate that to the cyberspace world—cyber forensic experts ask: Why were you targeted? How did the perp break in? What did he do? Where did he go next? To recreate the chain of evidence that will lead to the hacker, these cyber sleuths do everything from piecing together networks to reassembling broken disks scavenged from the trash. A panel of leading experts will shed light on the growing threat of cyber crime, highlighting recent attack cases and how investigators went after the hackers, along with best practices to protect our government or your company. Speakers include:

* Robert Carr, Chairman and CEO of Heartland Payment Systems, a company that processes billions of dollars of bank card payments to merchants and was the victim of a cyber attack;
* Jim Jaeger, Director, Cyber Defense and Forensics at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and former Director of Intelligence (J2) for the U.S. Atlantic Command and Assistant Deputy Director of Operations at the National Security Agency;
* Dan Kaminsky, computer security expert renowned for discovering one of the largest security flaws in the Internet’s infrastructure, is currently director of Penetration Testing at IOActive, where he specializes in design-level fault analysis;
* James Christy, a cyber forensic pioneer, is director of Futures Exploration for DC3 (Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center), and was founder and chief of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations computer crime investigations, the world’s largest digital forensics shop.
* Shane Harris, program moderator, is staff correspondent for National Journal, covering intelligence, homeland security, and counterterrorism; he is the author of The Watchers, an upcoming book about terrorism surveillance in the U.S.

Please join the speakers for a post-panel reception sponsored by:

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Tickets: $15 per person • Members of The Spy Ring ® (Join Today!): $12 per person

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