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Thursday, April 10, 2008

ForensicSoft Inc. - Windows Software Write Blocker Released

Windows Software Write Blocker Released

Now any attorney or computer forensic examiner can review any digital evidence in a forensically sound manner without the need for any specialized hardware.

Just attach it and review or acquire.

Are you tired of buying more and more hardware Write Blockers to allow you to safely handle your digital evidence?

ForensicSoft Inc. www.forensicsoft. com has just released SAFE Block 1.0, a software write blocker, for your forensic workstation.

The benefits of SAFE Block over hardware write blockers include:

- One inexpensive product that blocks all disk and flash media, as many as you can attach to your forensic machine at once.

- Easy to use and is application independent… works with all Windows forensic software.

- Faster than hardware write blockers... provides for forensically sound write blocking without the typical degradation in imaging I/O performance.

- Identifies and allows for safe temporary removal of HPA, DCO and/or HPA/DCO combination... SAFE Block replaces the HPA and DCO when you are done and no longer requires access to the hidden area of the disk.

- ForensicSoft will be adding Vista support to SAFE Block in the near future, as well as Software RAID blocking/unblocking capabilities. All updates will be free to licensed users.

Download your free 30-day trial from

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