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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

iPhone Security for the Enterprise

The iPhone is pushing into BlackBerry’s turf for enterprise customers. Just announced, Check Point Software Technologies has added support for the iPhone through its VPN-1 product, a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software tool.

VPN-1 supports secure Internet communication with the iPhone using the iPhone's embedded Layer 2 Transport Protocol (L2TP) client. That enables iPhone users communicating with enterprises that use Check Point's VPN-1 software to do so without the need for any additional software to be installed.

VPN-1 administrators can create specific log-in credentials for each iPhone users using a shared secret password and certificates for all iPhones on the network.
Other features of the iPhone for enterprise are:
  • Push email
  • Push contacts
  • Push calendar
  • Global Address List
  • Certificates and identities
  • WPA2/802.1X
  • Enforced security policies
  • More VPN protocols
  • Device configuration
  • Remote wipe

From what I have been able to see of Apple the past few years, BlackBerry should be afraid.

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