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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama's Pledged to Appoint a National Cyber Security Adviser

President-elect Barack Obama's pledged to appoint a national cyber security adviser who will report to him directly. In a speech made during his run to office at Purdue University, President-elect Obama stated, "As president, I'll make cyber security the top priority that it should be in the 21st century." He also stated, "I'll declare our cyber-infrastructure a strategic asset, and appoint a national cyber adviser, who will report directly to me. We'll coordinate efforts across the federal government, implement a truly national cyber security policy and tighten standards to secure information -- from the networks that power the federal government to the networks that you use in your personal lives."

This would be a monumental improvement to the Bush’s administration since the cyber security chief is under many layers of the organizational chart within the Homeland Security Department.

Among those advising President-elect Obama on cyber security matters is Richard Clarke, former counterterrorism czar in the Clinton administration.

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Othniel Alphonse said...

Once again, I believe this is another sound example of Obama's ability to heed wise advice. I believe that whomever is appointed this important job will have a huge role to play within our overall security infrastructure. Although the FISMA standards that all federal agencies are required to adhere to are in my opinion insufficient in some areas, especially in the area of verifying compliance and resting upon a "good faith" policy regarding many controls, the appointment of an Cyber Security advisor to the President is not only a recognition of the President elect's knowledge of a new emerging threat, but also strategic move to gain a heads up on areas where internal security threats may occur. Those in security are all to aware that usually the biggest threat to a information system rest from within.