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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Security Hole in Internet Explorer Causing Major Issues

Security Hole in Internet Explorer Causing Major Issues


Kellep A. Charles

A security hole in Internet Explore has been exploited and led to a massive attack to Google Gmail users and dozens of companies around the world. is recommending against using Internet Explorer until the problem as been resolved. Using alternative web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Apple's Safari, and/or Google's Chrome would appear to be a better choice at this time until the problem has been resolved.

Unfortunately, some Internet users may not have a choice since many organizations use custom applications that require the use of Internet Explorer to work properly. Furthermore, Microsoft Windows itself relies on Internet Explorer to receive updates.

The problem has been so wide spread that Information security regulatory authorities in Germany and France have urged users to switch to an alternative browser. fears the security hole could allow criminals to take control of user’s computers and steal their passwords.

BBC reported on January 18, 2009 that due to a loophole in Internet Explorer a PC could become infected with a "Trojan horse", allowing a hacker to take control of the computer and potentially steal sensitive information.

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