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Friday, May 16, 2008

CSI Stick - Get Forensic Data from Cell Phones Anywhere

Paraben is pleased to announce it has shipped initial orders of the CSI Stick. Paraben's CSI Stick is a thumb drive sized cell phone forensic acquisition tool. The data acquired from the CSI Stick can be viewed in Device Seizure or DS Lite. With the CSI Stick, you can get the following data:

* Phonebook
* Call Logs
* Camera Pictures
* Text Messages (SMS)
* Multi-media Messages (MMS)
* and much more...

Version 1.0 of the CSI Stick supports many Motorola and Samsung phones. For more information on model support and product details, visit

What you get:
* One CSI Stick Base Unit
* Two Motorola Tips
* One Samsung Tip
* One Remote Charger
* One Female USB Charger Tip * Carrying Case * How to Guide
PRICE: $199.00 U.S.

Paraben will be adding support for new manufacturers with new data tips. Upgrading your CSI Stick is easy. When an upgrade is available, simply purchase the upgrade package and we'll ship you new data tips and instructions on how to update your CSI Stick.

Don't wait to place your order. Call us at 1.801.796.0944 or visit

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