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Thursday, May 8, 2008

MP3 Files are causing Security Issues for Peer-to-Peer Computer Users

McAfee has reported more than a half million computers have been infected by a Trojan spreading through bogus MP3 files on popular peer-to-peer networks in the past several days. The MP3 files contain the Trojan known as Downloader-UA.h.

McAfee researcher Craig Schmugar reported on the company’s blog “The Trojan is spreading through MP3 and MPG files disguised to look like audio or video recordings. Some of the bogus file names are listed on the McAfee blog. When downloaded, users are directed to a Web site and prompted to download a file called PLAY_MP3.exe”

If you are using Peer-to-Peer Networks, please make sure your virus and spyware related software are up to date.

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