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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Benefits of Virtualization and How to Conduct Data Protection

Hardware consolidation and reduced energy bills are some of the cost benefits of virtualization. The ease of use and the snapshot functionality are some of the technical benefits of virtualization. As more organization initiate virtualization technology and more critical systems begin to reside on them, security will become vital issue.

Below are some key ideas to implement on your virtual system solutions. For the full list of suggested security features and their explaination as it relates to virtualization security, please go to at

Virtualization Security Features:
· Update your operating systems and the applications
· Install and update antivirus on virtual machines and the host
· Firewall each virtual machine from each other.
· Isolate each virtual machine from each other and the host

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Roxy Van said...

Amongst number of vendors offering the solution for Virtualization security, one name MokaFive is proving itself. Their unique format for creating virtual machines is called LivePC which updates dynamically, works from anywhere, and starts up in an instant. Try MokaFive to centrally manage the entire lifecycle of your users' virtual desktops making it easy to create, deliver, secure, update, and control the virtual desktop.

And for those with even higher security demands, try their BareMetal. This customized Linux distribution runs on bare computer h/w without an underlying OS, making it optimal for security-critical applications. And since it allows you to work on a Linux-based system, you can save on the cost of multiple Windows licenses. See how people are using it at:

Kellep A. Charles, CISA, CISSP, NSA-IAM said...

Roxy and all, I just sat through the Demo of the MokaFive's virtualization product at:

It was very informative and seem to have many usuable features. I will be downloading to get a better idea.

Thanks for the tip Roxy...