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Friday, May 16, 2008



Ed Skoudis of SANS presents: “Penetration Testing Ninjitsu Part II: Crouching Netcat, Hidden Vulnerabilities”

Date: Tuesday, May 20

Time: 2pm EDT / 11am PDT (GMT - 4:00, New York)


All registrants will receive a recording of the webcast after the live event, so please be sure to register even if you can’t attend!
Please join Core Security Technologies and Ed Skoudis, SANS instructor and co-founder of Intelguardians, for the second in a series of webcasts intended to stock your IT security testing arsenal with new tips and tricks:

Free webcast: “Penetration Testing Ninjitsu Part II: Crouching Netcat, Hidden Vulnerabilities” Register here:

(Register today, and you also get access to an on-demand version of “Penetration Testing Ninjitsu Part I!”)

During this webcast, Ed Skoudis will continue his look at the art and science of using penetration testing to gain visibility into your organization’s security posture.

We’ll begin by presenting useful tips for assembling the infrastructure required for effective pen testing. The webcast will then shift to a discussion of Netcat, a useful tool in many security testers’ kits – but one that can raise issues around installing software on target file systems. Ed will therefore present techniques for performing the functions of Netcat – such as moving files, scanning ports and creating backdoors – without using Netcat. You’ll learn:

*how to use Windows command-line tricks to make a port scanner
*how to implement backdoors on Linux using only /dev/tcp
*how commercial tools allow you to focus on analysis and action by automating testing tasks

That's just the start of the tips and tricks we'll cover that will help penetration testers, auditors and other IT security pros do their jobs better. We hope to see you there!

Register here:

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